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I have a variation on rick’s question, in fact


My foo.system ns tends to have a ton of requires since it orchestrates all the other components. no big deal generally, but now I have a project where I want to build separate client and server artifacts, and only include in the uberjars the necessary dependencies


The one foo.system ns inhibits that. How bad an idea is it to inline the requires when building a component? E.g.


(defn build-console
  (require 'bleach.system.console)


@donaldball I do that for test systems — each component has a test-system function that can be used by unit/integration tests to build a testable system and I do the require at runtime there so only the test tasks (in build.boot need to bring in the actual dependencies).


donaldball the problem with that is that build-console won't compile as written. But using resolve fixes that replace the call with ((resolve 'bleach.system.console/system-console))


inner parens find the var, outer invoke it, and vars call their function value when invoked