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Aaron Cummings18:03:01

I had been using lftp to selectively mirror artifacts from Clojars to an internal repo, but recent changes have broken directory listings (as they are now done with javascript). I have hacked around this for now, but now I wonder - what is the preferred method for creating a mirror (for my own internal use) of a subset of Clojars?


Hi Aaron! Sorry for breaking your workflow - we moved the repo to s3 (from Rackspace Cloudfiles) and lost the html index generation. Since it is on s3, you could use aws s3 sync . to synchronize a local copy. I would just ask that you don't run that more than once every 24 hours. You may need aws credentials for that to work, but those credentials wouldn't need rights to that bucket - it's publicly readable.

Aaron Cummings20:03:23

Great Toby, I'll give that a shot. I will only have to run this when upgrading or adding dependencies for my internal team to use, which isn't that often - and I'm not after the whole repo either, just the packages and versions we know we're using.


Sounds good! Let me know if you have any problems with it.

Aaron Cummings21:03:59

This works perfectly - thanks!


My pleasure!