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Iwo Herka14:03:18

Hi, I have a question. I want to run Cider on a project with different delivery systems (web, cli, etc). Each delivery has a profile with specific dependencies. If I run cider-jack-in as is, cider-ns-refresh will fail on missing dependencies. How can I exclude certain directories? Do I have to somehow manipulate classpath? I've tried setting source-paths but it doesnt work.

Iwo Herka14:03:08

(I've also managed to jack in with certain profile via cider-lein-parameters)

Iwo Herka14:03:47

What I'm trying to achieve is to configure Cider so that reloads only namespaces for currently selected delivery system.

Iwo Herka14:03:52

Is it possible?


Currently it’s not, but that’s mostly a limitation of the underlying tools.namespace library.


I’m guessing in your case you can try using the simpler cider-ns-reload instead.

Iwo Herka23:03:32

I see, thanks for the info!