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looks like 10x is broken with today's reagent 0.10.0 ... seems that the deprecated reagent.interop/$ macro went away entirely. Would this be a matter of switching over generally to goog.object/get ?


Is it possible this is all it takes? It's getting me past clojurescript compilation in dev, anyway.


hm, not so much, I guess.


@rgm Please try re-frame-10x 0.6.0 / re-frame 0.12.0 and if using re-com 2.8.0 and let me know if those releases fix reagent 0.10.0 for you.


Ah. Somehow I missed that there was a new 10x release.m too. Thx!


oh, right. Duh. gob/get takes a string. More sleep &/or coffee next time.


Is anyone using the react-devtools profiler? I’ve got re-frame-10x, but wanted to see if looking at it slightly different way might help to dig into painting/component rendering issues. Not sure how to enable it: Profiling support requires either a development or production-profiling build of React v16.5+. nvm, figured it out 😳, to anyone else who wants to know:

[reagent "<current version>" :exclusions [cljsjs/react cljsjs/react-dom]]
[cljsjs/react "16.13.0-0"]
[cljsjs/react-dom "16.13.0-0"]