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Hi, we are about to submit our app to the App/Play store and I was wondering what people do with the test accounts for Apple/Google. Are these account on your UAT env or on your Prod env? what is best here?


I was very sneaky with this. I pointed the app for review to production, but special cased the apple login to go to acceptance, I can’t actually remember why… possibly something to do with billing.


Hi everyone 👋:skin-tone-4: What's your favorite tutorial for getting started with React Native and XCode? I don't know what a good dev setup looks like.


I’ve only submitted on the Apple store, but they have a text box where you can give instructions for logging in with a test account. So I just put a test username/password in there for them to use.


Cool. So that's if your app has a login screen they can still evaluate it?

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From my experience, if you don’t provide test account info, Apple reviewers will create accounts for themselves.