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morning all


Hi guys, I've got a question and I suppose you can help me with it. With remote work here to stay I've been thinking about switching from .Net (C# + Unity3D) to the Clojureverse. It has been on my mind before but due to some personal reasons I stayed with .Net. Also, since Clojure seems to be practiced more in the "northern" parts of The Netherlands, I haven't made the switch. I live near Maastricht so, almost anything in The Netherlands is north of me haha. Does anyone know places that are hiring Clojure devs in the southern parts of The Netherlands or for remote positions? With the side-note that I will have to refresh my memory about Clojure and probably back-end/cloud providers as well. As I think it is for many of you, Clojure has always been this really cool language I wish I could work with professionally.


@ruben_hamers there is also a Belgium company using Clojure and if I'm not mistaken they are based in Hasselt. But this was a few years ago already, no idea what the current status is.


hmm I think I even checked that out before 🙂


thanks for reminding me


@ruben_hamers If you are on Twitter, I'd be happy to retweet you if you're looking for a job in the Netherlands. Having said that, remote work doesn't limit you to the Netherlands


Hey Micheal, Yeah I thought it would be useful to first look locally since I will have to up my skills. So some travel may be needed in the beginning


I'm not on twitter btw 🙂


thanks you for the offer though 🙂


I also know the talent pool for clojure devs is rather limited and I have some experience from my thesis in Uni.


@ruben_hamers There is a spreadsheet in the topic of this channel with Dutch companies. You can also try the #jobs channel and post your message there.


hmm I forgot about the spreadsheet


I checked the jobs channel yea:) there are some nice ones there 🙂