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clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp, the first release supported by clojurists-together gratitude Besides a lot of fixes and improvements, clojure-lsp has its `diagnostics` feature available via API/CLI now, making clojure-lsp the only tool that can do most lint tasks in a single tool! • Cleaning namespaces • Formatting namespaces • Lint diagnostics (using clj-kondo) For more details, check #lsp 😄

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Here’s the first version of a Github Template project for running the Clojure Track in the browser. Zero-install, with full Interactive Programming enabled. Rationale from the README: > Why would you want to use another web browser editor than the Exercism built in one? Because this one supports Interactive Programming (aka REPL Driven Development). It is one of Clojure’s main super powers and if you are going to spend time learning Clojure, you probably also should learn the habits and the workflow that makes Clojure programmers so happy and effective. Please give it a spin! ❤️ Feedback is super welcome. In this thread and/or in #exercism.

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