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Hi everyone! I’ve added a page to the high-level doc, which hopefully will help people, new to Polylith, understand better how it can be used in practice. I also added a “Blog posts” section to the page. Enjoy!

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Another good slack channel bookmark 🙂

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On the "Bring it all together" page, should "wealthy" be "healthy" instead?


Updated! Thanks!


In the deps.edn file of the poly tool, I can see that there's a Am I right to assume that the recommended way to define dev dependencies on bricks for a polylith monorepo is with local/root coordinates under extra-deps? (I am not using cursive so I'm probably not affected by the bug you mention in the comment)


Yes, you can use the :local-root syntax in the root deps.edn file. When doing that, make sure you also specify the tests as paths (`:aliases > :test > :extra-paths`). This should work in most IDEs. Tor the projects under the projects directory, the :local-root statements are enough, at least if you use the built in test runner.

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Right, thanks! 🙂

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> make sure you also specify the tests as paths (`:aliases > :test > :extra-paths`) @U1G0HH87L could I express the tests as extra-deps too? In Emacs/Cider it works for me without problem or is there any reason why you think it is better to keep the tests in extra-paths ?


Then I guess it’s fine. It’s just that in tools.deps.alpha the tests are not included when you include code via :local/root but maybe different IDES’s do that anyway.

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