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@madstap I dont know how exactly is your use case, but one thing that I did was simply set the defaultValue based on the sync value and if the user changes the value then simply sync that one without forcing the input to update since it already contains it in its internal state. That is not entirely nice from the immutable perspective but it gets the job done for me. Hope it helps 🙂


Trying to get past the excellent re-natal hello world, I am not having much luck. On my third recommended demo repo, and this is the second that goes like this

~/catlantis $ re-natal use-figwheel
re-natal project needs to be upgraded, please run: re-natal upgrade


No problem, repos must be old, just RTE;

~/catlantis $ re-natal upgrade
    platforms = Object.keys(config.platforms);

TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
    at Function.keys (<anonymous>:null:null)


Damn the torpedos, keep going…no cats. 😞


I will carry on working from the source of those examples so no big deal, but I would be interested in what I might be doing wrong. Kudos, btw, for the great first error above, subsequent bad luck notwithsatnding.


@hiskennyness that error is from the re natal config. Most likely you are missing the platforms key in your config


Thx, but looking at catlantis I see in .re-natal.local the following:

  "platforms": {
    "ios": {
      "host": "localhost"


Does that look OK? That’s the full contents, FWIW.


btw, I am now happily coding working from the starter example so this is not a show-stopper for me. Thx again.


And I must say, kudos again to natal/re-natal for an integration well done.

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