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Is it possible to include/depend on an existing jar with boot? I can make it work with lein by doing :resource-paths ["…/whatever.jar"] in my project.


(I tried doing the same with (set-env! :resource-paths ["…/whatever.jar"] …) but I get this weird exception trying to run my application (that I don’t get otherwise):

java.nio.file.DirectoryNotEmptyException: /Users/jonathan/.boot/cache/tmp/Users/jonathan/<snip>/8hf/-of1h48


@jonathanj I would use boot-local-repo (or lein-local-repo) to install the JAR locally into your Maven cache, instead of trying to use it as a free-floating JAR. Even better if you have an S3 Wagon / Nexus / Maven / whatever repo you can upload it to -- and then just depend on it normally.


@jonathanj I've got some docs on how to do that here: Also, if you're looking for a hosted Maven repository then you can find one there too 🙂