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I agree, my concern is that the authors and readers of the above aren't even aware of Neanderthal to include it in the Breeze comparisons. A reworked table with an added Neanderthal column might raise awareness, adoption, visibility, and appreciation. It could be hosted somewhere else or anywhere.


@aaelony I agree that would be a good thing. If someone contributes it, I'll include it it neanderthal documentation.


There is a Dockerfile ready-to-go which is the easiest way to run everything


While I was there I implemented PCA as well in Numpy, might be interesting to compare some "real" use of Numpy with Neanderthal


Let me know if everything's ok


@justalanm awesome! Thank you. I'll try this as soon as I can (but not sooner than a few days, since I'm in the middle of something). Since I normally avoid docker. If I install anaconda on arch linux, is that enough to run this? additionally, can you post your results for the "normal" (not 1000x strawman) examples?


@blueberry if you want there is the specs.txt file for reproducing the conda environment


Anyway, you can always basically copy what the Dockerfile does 😁


I'll post my results soon, would you like me to post Neanderthal results as well?


Thanks to all that made it possible 🙂