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Hey. Not sure whether this is cider or spacemacs problem, but since yesterday when I run tests via cider I see no results in minibuffer and dedicated test buffer does not pop up in case there are failed tests. Anyone else having this problem?

(ns cider-test.core-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]
            [cider-test.core :refer :all]))

(deftest a-test
  (testing "FIXME, I fail."
    (is (= 0 1))))
in messages buffer
Running test a-test in cider-test.core-test...
=> #'cider-test.core-test/a-test


oh yes i'm having this issue too


i thought my test was just taking very long


Yesterday supposedly I fixed one issue, but I might have introduced another one.


I don’t have time to debug this for the next few days. Likely one of the nils are removed from the request was actually meaningful to the backend or something like this.


I see. I'll make an issue on github for tracking purposes. Thanks for all your work!


> we should have a defvar cider-last-jack-in-command that is set to the command CIDER uses to start the users project. This way when there are errors on jack-in it is easier to see if its CIDER related or not. They can just run it on the command line to see if it works “natively”


I was thinking a while back that we can associate this info with the REPL that was created by jack-in.


> Yes but I think it truncates sometimes


@dpsutton Does it? It should not do this.