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Hi guys. I'd like to build up a simple mobile app with clojure/clojurescript, but I'm a bit confused about which library to use: I see that some people use re-natal and other people use expo, which are the differences between the two?

Oleh K.13:03:35

the main differences are 1) with expo you can publish your app avoiding market 2) with expo you cannot use libraries with native code by default

Oleh K.13:03:10

and from my own experience: expo is buggy and re-natal just works

Oleh K.13:03:09

There is an option in react native packager to add custom transformer for files. I wonder if I could somehow to use shadow-cljs (or maybe lumo suites better) like a transformer for cljs files. It would be something like this:


@okilimnik thank you so much, good points.


@U052TDWT7 I am also using Expo cljs and it works great 🙂


specially for those cases where you dont (cant?) have the full mobile SDK in your machine


only javascript stuff is enough