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Daniel Hines03:03:37

I found an inconsistency between some code in and the source it references in fulcrologic/fulcro-getting-started. Is it best I describe it here or post an issue in GitHub?


Issue would be nice, thanks!


Reading 2.4.0 changelog: “Added alpha versions of new, tighter, DOM functions that do not require props, or #js” - Yay!!! bananadance


Hi, I created a new app using lein new fulcro and it seems it uses shadow-cljs. How can I start the dev build (with cards) and server build? The book still references figwheel script (which is missing in my project), the README generated in the project also doesn’t provide any hints? What about running it from Intellij?


Really? Did you read the readme?


I'm pretty sure it generates a readme with detailed instructions


In fact, I’m not sure how to make it any cleaerer…I just generated an app with it, and it spells out quite specifically…here’s an excerpt: ## Development Mode Shadow-cljs handles the client-side development build. The file src/main/blah/client.cljs contains the code to start and refresh the client for hot code reload. Running all client development builds:

$ npx shadow-cljs watch main cards test
shadow-cljs - HTTP server for ":main" available at 
shadow-cljs - HTTP server for ":test" available at 
shadow-cljs - HTTP server for ":cards" available at 


Oh, I’m sorry - my bad - I must have opened a wrong readme as I got a blank screen in Intellij - yes it’s in the readme @tony.kay


However, I had to revert to figwheel version as I was getting strange compilation errors while using fulcrologic/semantic-ui-react-wrappers


anything you pull in has to come from NPM with shadow…I don’t know if shadow has cljsjs stubs for semantic react ui


I added fulcrologic/semantic-ui-react-wrappers and cljsjs/semantic-ui-react to project.clj main deps and during cljs compilation I was getting: error that cljsjs.semantic-ui-react namespace couldn’t be found


but you can just use semantic-ui-react without the wrappers


Do I need to wrap it with factories by myself?


that’s the advantage of shadow: you can use anythign from the npm ecosystem


yeah, but look at the wrappers project…I automated that


using their doc json or something…a little foggy on it at the moment


thanks - I will take a look


read the README on regenerating the factories…then just use it without the cljsjs stuff altogether


I mainly made the factories so that docstrings would be available


btw, would you recommend to move from figwheel to shadow-cljs?