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@chokheli I just look at „Release it“ from them, and i can relate. Paper is thin and feels „cheap“, and the font is a tad too light, first i thought it was printed in „draft“ mode.


@spfeiffer Have your tried any other books published by them?


@chokheli No, it is my first.


So is mine and expecting two others.


You bought it in Germany, am I right?


Yes, Amazon Germany. But i think it is the same everywhere.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:03:42

I just got some new copies of Programming Clojure 3rd ed this week (I’m in the US) in the mail and I do see a little of the bleed through but not the DPI issues. I compared to an O’Reilly book I got this week and they seem approximately the same in paper weight and font color


I don’t know, perhaps it’s an issue with the ones printed in Germany(?). On Thursday I’ll receive one from the UK, and a week later another from the US and it will be a good enough source to make a conclusion.


As i said, the paper is thin, the ink from the back bleeds through visually.


And mine is „printed in the USA“, i expect no differences across the board.