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I wonder if Clojurists Together is appropriate for core compiler contributions. There are several who hang out in this channel that might be recognized as “maintainers,” but I have no clue about conflicts of interest that might arise. I suspect, if carefully managed to avoid conflicts, a little work done under the guise of that project might be a good thing.


The only experience we have that gets close to that sort of thing is the Google Summer of Code projects, right?


I think the result there was that David’s close involvement in vetting the proposal helped resolve those kinds of issues.


I would say yes it’s appropriate


there’s no conflict of interest IMO


@mfikes that would definitely be a great submission. The only thing I can think of off-hand that could be relevant is that any work done under Clojurists Together funding can’t be also done towards other paid work, i.e. if you get to work on an open source project for one day/week at your job, then you couldn’t attribute the work you do that day towards the work you report as being done for Clojurists Together. We’d probably need to run it by SFC as well cause the project is heavily sponsored by Cognitect, and I’m not sure if that changes anything (there’s lots of rules around money in a charity). Also, anyone wanting to apply to work on CLJS compiler would need to be able to actually get patches through, i.e. a maintainer (like yourself).


@danielcompton To clarify, you are saying that, since the ClojureScript project is heavily sponsored by a commercial entity, it might not qualify as an eligible open source project per the Software Freedom Conservancy?


I doubt it would be an issue at all, just raising it as an outside possibility


Especially given the nature of the open source project. If it was something like Mesosphere (for example) that had a clear commercial offering then it might be different, I don’t really know


Yes. That's a fair concern. Just wanted to make sure I understood what you meant.