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Has anyone submitted a Clojurists Together Q2 2018 funding round proposal for improving ClojureScript + React Native tooling? I assume there are lots of areas that could be improved if only developer resources could be applied. Perhaps if a few specific improvements were clearly identified a proposal might be accepted.

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@seantempesta this might be interesting for you as well


Thanks @U0LJU20SJ. And yes I am interested.


The various project (Re-Natal, Boot React Native, expo-cljs-template) all seem to be in a place where they fundamentally work but could use "robustness" and "polish" fixes, essentially knocking off bugs in their respective issues lists. True?

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Speaking as someone who works with a CLJS + RN codebase every day, and has spent many hours pawing at hello-world projects using e.g. Re-Natal or Boot searching for a hair-extinguishing workflow, I would say true


Sadly, I am not in a position to nominate myself as a maintainer of any of these and submit a proposal. 🙂


@mfikes I couldn't agree more


one promising avenue would be to build a cljsrn experience around shadow-cljs


in RN, we need to "embrace the platform", i.e. the react-native packager


any nontrivial CLJSRN project will inevitably make use of native modules and prebuilt components


My speculation is that the respective maintainers are accustomed to offering their time for free, but might be convinced to do work under the Clojurists Together project. (It helps justify dumping time into something when you are being paid.)

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Clojurists Together is also a platform that gives your project greater visibility


which may be as big a factor as the renumeration


I currently don’t have a stake into which projects get funded or who gets paid; I just think it is a great fit.


(In the sense that React Native + ClojureScript is still a ripe area with lots of work to be done. 🙂 )


Btw sadly boot-react-native is not in working state anymore; I haven't had time to keep it updated and it has fallen in disrepair.


re-natal/Figwheel are in a better position by a wide margin


Yeah, that’s what happened with Ambly / Natal. (I ultimately decided it was worth trying to get behind one of the other projects that had community momentum, rather than try to “nurse” a project that didn’t have as much critical mass.)


I wonder what the pain points are people have with re-natal these days


Some things I can think of: - production builds (RN packager chokes on large bundles)


Well, I use it and the pain points really seem to fall into the areas of general robustness / polish.


But yeah, there might be “quantum leaps” of new features that the community wants.


Right, robustness, polish, docs maybe?


Maybe integration with clj would be useful


Yeah, all of that is worth doing, and currently unpaid. But that story could be different


I wonder if the compensation rates that you get from Clojurists Together is compelling. Hey, at least something is better than nothing.


Wow, Re-Natal is really a one-committer show.


Yeah @drapanjanas is cljsrn's unsung hero


hey everyone. react-native has been a frequent topic for shadow-cljs recently. I certainly want to add support for it but since I haven't done any react-native project myself I can hardly say what would be required. Getting the code to run there seems fine but REPL doesn't quite work yet.


I did some basic tests with create-react-native-app a while ago which seemed to work fine


@pesterhazy The automatic require of external deps in fighweel works so and so for me personally. That could be improved I think.


haha that one is my fault, sorry 🙈


I haven’t contributed at all to that so I have no right to complain. Thanks for your contribution!

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But definitely focus on production builds. It’s the hardest problem we’ve had at work for the last year I think 😝


So, maybe if some specific proposal could be put together to improve Re-Natal production builds, there might be a chance @drapanjanas that would be interested in doing it as a Clojurists Together project. To apply for funding, you have to be a maintainer or recognized as such, which seems to have a single answer.


@mfikes There are a couple of good folks that have done interesting things in cljsrn so if @drapanjanas is not available maybe @tiensonqin could be available for example. But working on re-natal, or even better: a solution that works both for expo and re-natal.


@pesterhazy is busy I think?


Just brain farting here. Probably forgot some people.


Yeah. My rough feeling (this is just me), is that for individuals who are already playing the role of contributing (for free), it is a a no-brainer to toss some funding their way to help encourage more good stuff. (This is just my opinion.)


Otherwise, stuff can be put on the back burner, while at the same time the community wants said stuff.


Totally interested in this. I haven’t had time to dedicate much time to improving the expo template simply because I’ve got a paid gig that’s been consuming my time. But that balance would be easier to strike if there was funding available. @mfikes @vikeri @pesterhazy

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