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Hi, I'm able to compile my app using lein cljsbuild once dev, but when I try to compile it using figwheel, it seems to choke on a .clj file I made for macros I'm using:

Failed to compile build :dev from ["src/cljs"] in 9.102 seconds.
----  Could not Analyze  src/cljs/ewan/views.cljs  ----

  Could not locate ewan/spec/eaf30__init.class or ewan/spec/eaf30.clj on classpath.
Any suggestions? I have this in my project.clj but I feel like :reload-clj-files shouldn't be relevant here...
:figwheel {:reload-clj-files {:clj true :cljc true}}
edit: I had a silly error in views.cljs where I was still requiring a dependency I'd taken out of my project.clj. After I removed that and did a full clean things started working again. I wish the error message had been more helpful, though