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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)04:04:47

What determines the version shown in README badges? I cut a 1.0.0-rc1 for primitive-math, verified it, and cut a 1.0.0 release a few minutes later. The badge link goes to the 1.0.0 documentation, but the badge itself still shows 1.0.0-rc1. You can see it at


Hey kingmob 👋🙂 when calling, we look up the most recent cljdoc build and return the Badgen link for this version. I just learned that when your group-id and artifact-id are identical it also works when you just call You cannot provide your own version-id when calling this endpoint though. There has been some discussion here already it seems: Maybe the build just did not complete yet when you tried it? At the moment the version looks fine, right? I see 1.0.0 as expected.


But when the 1.0.0-rc1 link already resolved to the 1.0.0 documentation version the build must have been completed :thinking_face:


On both routes (badge & documentation) the latest release version is resolved the same way internally. I don't really have an explanation how this can get out of sync.


I think GitHub may cache the badge image for a while? Or maybe the caching is somewhere else but based on @ULHUNM4NM said, sounds like its likely a caching issue?


Ya GitHub And there is always your browser cache too... But we should double check our cache control headers for badges.


Good point 👍 we are currently setting a custom max-age of 30 min for badges, which would explain it.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)10:04:42

Yeah, it’s working now. Sorry to raise the alarm, and thx for looking into it


Thanks for reporting that @U10EC98F5 👍 I guess there is still room for improvement concerning the badge caching from our side, I just opened an issue for that:

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OOhhhhh, I’ve been gone for a little while it seems. Lovely to see so many things happening here! Great to have you back @corasaurus-hex and thanks @lee for being so present 🙂 If there’s anything you need from me please put it in this thread and I’ll try to get back to it this week 💚

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In case you’re wondering: everything is going well in my life. I’m still in Cape Town for a little bit and it’s just been “full with good times”… sometimes in a way that’s a challenge to balance with work 😅 so when I’m at the computer I mostly try to keep up with that. Going back to Berlin in a week or so, which might be a good change of pace in that regard but we’ll see. Hope everyone is well and you’re enjoying the spring if it has already reached your respective location 😄


Nice to see you back and happy to hear that all is well!

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Cora (she/her)13:04:50

that is the best sort of reason for being absent and I happily endorse it!! take your time and enjoy a little extra just for us 💜

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Welcome back 🥳