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Chris Chambers16:04:49

@porkostomus Any updates on the status of this? I'd prefer not to go back through my solutions and strim out the spec/let*, but I can't proceed otherwise.

Bobbi Towers17:04:58

I created a PR: Now I just need to figure out why the tests are failing and await review. Hopefully I can get this done today. EDIT: It may be because thus far we have been getting away with using an image with no JVM, which may be required by babashka.deps. Need to investigate further.

Chris Chambers17:04:28

Awesome, thanks very much 🙂


@porkostomus You could avoid a JVM by making an uberjar


and then say bb -cp uberjar.jar


You can make such an uberjar with bb uberjar uberjar.jar

Bobbi Towers20:04:32

Oh, excellent 😀