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com.seancorfield/next.jdbc {:mvn/version "1.2.780"} is available: • Address by adding next.jdbc/on-connection. • Address by adding a note to the *PostgreSQL Tips &amp; Tricks* section. • Update build-clj to v0.8.0. This should help address the Ragtime issue mentioned above.

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Does anyone here find much use for functions and procedures with clojure and our sql libraries, postgresql specifically?


@jmckitrick Do you mean stored procedures (and user-defined SQL functions)? I pretty much never use either, regardless of DB, because I don't want some of my code in the database and the majority of it separately under version control. I've always avoided stored procs because of the versioning/ops complexity around that.


Yeah, I generally agree. Some years ago, my CTO was an avid fan. It was an interesting approach, and I was curious if it persists today.


Hi there folks, is there a way to .setObject 's last parameter in clojure/java.jdbc I would like to do the following here and avoid PGObject- I am planning on using pgjdbc-ng