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A first still ugly glimpse at API diffing (only on namespace-level) 🙂 nothing’s final or even ready for feedback. But it’s something 😬


Hey neat @thsojka! For inspiration, you might want to check out borkdude's, it sources API info from clj-kondo analysis, and we source from cljdoc-analyzer, but the algorithm might give you some ideas. A while ago I also wrote, but you do not want to look at the code for this one as it is really kinda horrible, but the README might give you some ideas for options.


thanks for the hints 👍 I’ll have a look


Let me know if you’re looking for ideas for what this could look like or just want to discuss/brainstorm a bit 🙂

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Sooo exciting! 🎉


Yeah I'm game for discussions as well, my mindspace is currently in api diffing as I am contributing to api-diff.


Once you flesh out some questions/ideas, you might consider starting a conversation under if you are looking for feedback.


That's great. I'll spend some more time to understand everything fully and open up the discussion in a few days