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can the db returned by xtdb.api/open-db used from multiple threads? quick try with pmap seems to work (not that I would use pmap with queries in production)


No, the underlying iterator snapshots are thread-local, same with db


good to know, so any multithreaded use should get their own db via xt/db

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just using the same basis, so that the work is consistent


Exactly, yep 🙂

Vitalii Pecherin20:10:02

hey! First of all, I would like to say thank everyone for xtdb. I have a question: I saw in API reference and it says: … you must first manually .stop the node(s) … . But when I call .stop on xtdb-node - it returns exception with no matching method. Is this a typo in the documentation? Because I know there is a method .close for that, right?


> I would like to say thank everyone for xtdb. Hey, our pleasure! 🙏 > Is this a typo in the documentation? Oops...yes that definitely should be .close - my own mistake 😅 Thanks for mentioning it!

Vitalii Pecherin07:10:52


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Vitalii Pecherin07:10:55

you are very welcome 🙂

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