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Thomas Moerman07:10:37

Strikes close to hammock time. John Cleese on Creativity:

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I give this to junior engineers all the time


Hey all, No sure if is correct channel, but I’m looking for advices about “find my first Clojure job”, maybe my question is too generic, but I would love to hear some words regarding it;


#jobs-discuss would be more appropriate. I don't know for sure, but that channel might also be archived on Zulip - in this case, you can find a decent amount of similar questions with quite a few answers.


cool, I will take a look there. thx!


There is also a #jobs channel to which clojure opportunities are frequently posted

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I need to offload a potentially resource intensive job to another process/machine. I need something light-weight, e.g. I want to avoid requiring reddis, rabbitmq, postgresql, etc. I think a simple rpc service like slacker could work. It's been a while since I've looked into anything like this and google turns up stale results (+4 years old) so not sure what the best choices are today. I don't care if the client is async or not, so long as it can be embedded in an http-kit/fulcro backend and won't hold-up other threads/requests. Any recommendations? Thanks!


Thanks! This did not show up in my search. I'll take a look!


This does not *need* to be robust. I would need some kind of error to be returned, but nothing more is required


:) Cool. Thanks!


Yeah, intelligent error handling would be nice but is not required. I just really don't want to write another http endpoint and all of its boilerplate myself for the millionth time. I want something that can be given a function and make it available remotely. I don't care if it's json or edn or even http under the covers. These are the things I really don't want to spend my time on


Since we're already in AWS, we set up AWS Batch to run the app in a "worker mode", which just takes a job id on the CLI, performs that job and exits.


anyone know something similar to for clojure? coding with voice.


Not clojure specific, but I know people who use for coding clojure