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@borkdude thanks -- it's slightly different in form i think, but i adapted @lee's example to end up with this: i transplanted the metadata so more info is available in the analysis: @lee don't know if it's worth it for import-vars-with-mods, but it seems something similar could be done there.


a downside of export-symbols and import-vars is that the indexed info points you at a location that doesn't make it convenient to get to the ultimate definition you'd likely be interested in seeing. contrast this with what core.async does: a tool might send you to those defns from usages but it's only one more step to use the tool again to get to the defintion that's being wrapped.


@sogaiu I tend to go with the core.async approach and avoid tools like import-vars. I do support it in clj-kondo since it's pretty well established in the community

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Thanks @sogaiu, I will take a look. The import-vars approach most certainly has its pros and cons. Continueing with it in rewrite-cljc has taught me tons, which has been fun for me, but the amount of time I have spent on it has been, uh, lots.

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@borkdude, I do like sci’s copy-var, which is different but reminds me of import-var.