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Just published a new version of socket-repl package for Atom - Chlorine. This version is just bugfixes, but are some new features that can be interesting, for example, to render a hiccup-like tag :div/clj and :div/ansi that will use Chlorine's renderer for objects (or a text that will convert ansi codes to HTML). This means that you can, for example, run a test code and instead of the "default Clojure result" that you'll see in the REPL, you can render the test result in any way you want. Here's an example: More information on #chlorine channel 🙂

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Just released vim-iced ver 2.3.0, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim. Renaming symbols is suppored! Thank you so much, @nbardiuk !

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A great addition to the family of Clojure editors and great to see even more support with Vim. I've include links to vim-iced in my collection of suggested Clojure editors Thank you for all the work on this (and you other projects).

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