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Michael J Dorian20:09:48

Hey, I'm giving Pathom a try and I noticed that I can't require com.wsscode.pathom.core and com.wsscode.pathom.connect because of No such var: async {:form async/onto-chan!, :file "com/wsscode/pathom/core.cljc", :column 13, :line 560} on version 2.3.0-alpha10. Changing it to 2.3.0-alpha9 seems to have solved the issue. Did I find a problem or am I maybe missing something?


@doby162 dependency issue, getting the wrong version of core.async, bump pathom to alpha-10, or bump core.async to latests


oh, you got the problem on alpha-10? let me check here


(bumping core.async should fix it any case)


I checked, alpha-10 points to org.clojure/core.async 1.3.610, maybe you have some dep overriding this (or have core.async explicitly, with some older version)

Michael J Dorian21:09:28

explicitly requiring core.async's latest version fixed it, I guess one of the Luminus libraries must be asking for an older version? Thanks!