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@borkdude so i tried working on a hook for libpython-clj: in this case the construct is similar to a defn. is there something i can do to make the defined name show up in the analysis so i can use that toward indexing?


if you expand to a defn that uses that name, I think it should also show up in the analysis? if it doesn't, it might be a bug or there's some reason I don't know off the top of my head


could also be metadata related, forgetting to restore a position - not sure.


thanks for the tips


ah i see rum's example tries to maintain metadata and i have not done so


@borkdude using with-meta made a difference in whether row, col info had something numeric. thanks!


there was another piece to the puzzle. it turns out libpython-clj uses a construct similar to import-vars from potemkin (though it's not exactly the same), so i think if i write a hook for that, the indexing may work.


@sogaiu clj-kondo also has support for import-vars so if you rewrite to that, may also work