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"No such var: com.fulcrologic.fulcro.dom/macro-create-element". I can see from the source that macro-create-element* wouldn't cause that problem. I must be too much on the latest versions. Not sure where it is coming from...


Except from the Clojure REPL.


So switched some files from cljc to cljs and now it is fine


Cljc needs special requires for dom. See book


What is a reconciler? The book mentions it for the first time in 9.7.7: > It requires the reconciler (which as we mentioned earlier can be obtained from the Fulcro App) But I can't find any prior mention of it. There's also an example given in 9.7.7:

(merge/merge! (:reconciler @app) ROOT-data ROOT-query)


But com.fulcrologic.fulcro.application/fulcro-app function returns a map without any :reconciler key, nor can I find that key anywhere inside of the fulcro app map


The reconciler comes from Fulcro 2. It was done away with in Fulcro 3.


Fixed…well, at least changed the wording. Those older examples could need more love


Thanks for looking at it! Looks good now


Hello fulcro community. Many times that I'm developing a fulcro app, I need a feed/message component, like this slack chat, or a twitter feed. This kind of components has a lot of complexities: - Empty list - End of list - Incremental updates ... There is some ready to use option for this? Maybe using rad?