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Pradeep B12:09:12

Hi there !! I have recently written a clojure app using lein + compojure + clj-http and created an uberjar. Now wondering if i can enable the nrepl on the built jar file? Something like - having an api endpoint to start/stop nrepl inside the uberjar. That will help me debug issue in the built jar file when it interacts with test data. P.S.: I am doing this in my UAT environment debugging and Production will be getting rid of this (security concerns).

Pradeep B12:09:38

@U0522TWDA you mentioned the approach, in that case service is running with clj.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)14:09:46

Just start nrepl server in your -main - I :bind to since localhost is the default I believe

Pradeep B14:09:12

thanks for the response. Did the changes and updated the thread. There was silly code mistake and that was leading to failure. Now resolved and achieved it.