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@ericdallo Maybe you could provide some docs how to set this up as part of, if you like


totally, one thing that we should do, its package a binary for the lsp-server, like clojure-lsp already does(, which this, we only need to point to this binary on the lsp-mode configuration and I can provide some docs how to do it. I don't know if we can run the lsp-server on lsp-mode from a jar, (I tried with no success :/) , maybe yes if we change lsp-mode here( allowing one more lsp for clojure, the clj-kondo, like the docs recommend here( What you think @borkdude?


@ericdallo What about just documenting what you did: make a wrapper script that calls java -jar ... and register that wrapper script with lsp-mode?


It may not seem optimal, but for now it might be the best we have, and we can make it more polished if more people start using this?


Yeah, i think its a good start, i will write the docs and open the PR 🙂


registering "java -jar ..." directly with lsp-mode didn't work?


it was my first try, but it didn't work, but i tested again pointing to the full path of the jar (not *~/*the/path/to/jar) and worked! I guess a documentation on clj-kondo.lsp's README teaching just to set the lsp-clojure-server-command to run a java -jar ... its good enough partywombat


Yeah, or in the editor integration like there are docs for IntelliJ


Maybe on both, what do you think?


I think it makes sense to include it in the clj-kondo repo and then I could link to it from the .lsp repo


Thanks @borkdude, I will try to use clj-kondo as a lsp server on emacs, and I can report the issues/improvements later


Thank you very much


@borkdude Do you know if its hard to start implementing lsp features on clj-kondo.lsp like rename, references and completion, similar how clojure-lsp ( does? I think that clj-kondo is awesome and powerful, with these lsp features, it would be wonderful! I would like to help implement, but i don't know how hard is and how to debug/test this as I implement? (PS: i don't know how LSP works, i know that its a message channel that expect specific headers and other things). I'm studyng lsp4j, that i saw that you used to work with LSP. I hope I can help in some way


Interesting idea. I'd like to make/see a tool that can both be used with the binary and the LSP server. There are some ideas for this here: Once this is there, as a JVM lib, it can be hooked up to the LSP server as well


> This tool could potentially also fix some warnings by rewriting code. Maybe there has to be a separate issue for it btw.


It looks like a good idea, i know that LSP has the code actions feature, where you can do some action at point, insert some code or replace a existent by something you choose, like create getters, setters and constructor in java. I think LSP can help with these