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Can I ask cider to use a release jar, instead of download snapshot everyday? The network to clojars is pretty bad for me 😞


I think it does if you're on stable


Generally even the master build uses snapshots only up to a point - when we get to the first alpha release.


When stepping in the cider debugger is there a way so that the buffer with the locals gets updated automatically?


> Favourite Features > When asked to highlight their favourite features in CIDER most people pointed out the following: > The debugger > The (value) inspector > Interactive programming


What is the (value) inspector??? 🙂


cider-inspect of cider-inspect-value I guess


I found this inspector not work in ClojureScript in my case. But I can't find an issue about this, I think this problem should be obvious, because in my case, cider-inspect can work even with very simple value, like {:a 1}.

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Same here, it spits an error but prints the thing in the process 😬


Is there a library to enable NAT traversal for CIDER, or perhaps more specifically NREPL? I have an application installed on a remote machine behind a firewall and I'd like to connect to its REPL. I also have a server that could act as the reachable 3rd party for both this remote machine and my workstation. Obviously I want to keep everything secure, otherwise I'd just forward the REPL port in the firewall settings.


It would still require a 3rd party to allow the firewall traversal and I'm not sure it would be any simpler. However I will keep it in mind, thanks!


I also can't SSH directly into the remote machine.


@frozenlock ssh -L tunnel via your jump host should work, the tunnel target can be on a remote machine


By that I also meant that the machine might not have ssh available. I should have been more explicit. In my current case on it's on Windows. All I really have to work with is my application jar.


Hmm actually I wonder if something could be done with a SSH library. @mccraigmccraig thanks for the hint, I'll explore this path.