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sure - I was still figuring the CircleCI stuff out last night, will try again later


How could we remove warnings like these again?


Adding defstate in some .clj-kondo right


{:lint-as {mount.core/defstate clojure.core/defn}}


In .clj-kondo/config.edn


Would be nice if a tool went over your libraries and added all the macros configs to config.edn


Can you explain in one line what extra step is needed after running the analysis on a project? 🙂


selecting all the macros from the analysis output and stuff them in your config file


I'm a newb to clj-kondo. Trying to get it setup in my Spacemacs configuration. I have followed the steps as they appear here: for the master branch, but to no avail. I'm reasonably confident that clj-kondo is available on my emacs path as I can run it from a shell that I start in emacs (Not sure if this is a sufficient test or not). I was able to build the cache in a .clj-kondo directory within the project I'm working on and could run the linter from the CLI without issue. However, getting clj-kondo working inside of Emacs is the last and most important step. Thanks in advance!


I have not. I will give it a try! Thanks.


clj-kondo-clj appears to be configured correctly. It could be that my expectations are off or user error is manifesting in some other way. The .clj-kondo cache is built for this project and I was able to lint files from the CLI. It was my expectation that if I included an unused namespace, for example, clj-kondo (if configured properly) would underline the namespace and flag it as unnecessary. That is currently not happening but maybe there is something else I need to do to turn this functionality on.


@mafcocinco I think it should say: Flycheck Mode is enabled. Use C-u C-c ! x to enable disabled checkers.


that did it. thanks @borkdude!