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@jr0cket No first class support, no -- just add the iframe to your markup. What's your use case?


My usecase is simply embedding videos in blogs, I do a lot of video content (50+ hours on YouTube) and would like to use a cryogen website to present them in a nicer interface than YouTubes own website. I am okay using iframe. In other static site generators I have seen templates used, such as

{% youtube %}video-id{% youtube-end %}


It helps keep the markdown cleaner, but I can live with the iframe.


I am thinking of using the YouTube API to pull down a playlist and creating a more curated and engaging view of video content , but I may just do that in ClojureScript.


Hm, maybe you can achieve that with custom selmer filters?


Yes, I keep meaning to try selma. A very good idea, thanks.


@yogthos should be able to provide some hints if you need help 🙂


I really enjoy using cryogen, its very fast and very simple to use. It was really easy to customise the theme too. So thank you for all the work you put into this project.


You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoy it!