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Lone Ranger18:12:39

sometimes some things work if you switch to clojure-mode but most feature do not 😕


what do you mean @goomba?

Lone Ranger18:12:30

I mean sometimes when I'm editing clojurescript I'll switch to clojure major mode to take advantage of certain CIDER features that sometimes work in clojure mode but don't work in clojurescript mode, and IIRC some clj-refactor stuff falls into that category. However, any features that require parsing don't work b/c of the whole javascript thing

Lone Ranger18:12:10

If you're gonna press me for the exact differences I'll have to admit I'm not sure off the top of my head


i didn't understand what you meant. but now i see you were talking about clj-refactor. Just seeing if i could help in any way 🙂

Lone Ranger18:12:30

Oh wow that comment was two days ago.


does anyone understand how clojure(script)-modes indentation specifications work?


I have this in my library:

(defmacro defcomponent
  "Defines a React class component."
  {:style/indent [1 :form [1]]}
  [display-name & spec]


but clojurescript-mode still indents it like this:

(defcomponent ErrorBoundary
  (render [this props state]


oh i'm sorry. i just put together your question