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@stefan.toubia is this with a release vsix, or with a dev build?

Stefan T05:12:22

2.0.66, I could only reproduce it inconsistently. I tried to jack-in, evaluate something to repl window, close repl window and I got it to repeat only once, I didn’t look too closely.


Please file an issue. This is probably going to be tricky to track down. Maybe something crashes in the event handler that sets the replWindow context.


Found it. Fixed it. New release going out.

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New release going out a bit later today. 😃 I need to test it a bit more and day-time-work is not letting me.


Is there a way to change the repl text colours? Especially println an ./pprint output


Those are picked from the theme, so yes and no.


How do i do it 🙂?


What I mean is that the only way to change the color is to pick another theme.


@dennisa In case you weren't aware, I think he was referring to the VS Code theme. You can press ctrl+p, ctrl+t and select a theme.


I've found the theme json. does anyone know what parameters is responsible for print and pretty print (they are different colours ) in the REPL?


Dear Calva-friends. A new version is out on the Marketplace, v2.0.67. It sports Markdown docs hovers and an option to add docs to the parameter hint hover. Both added by @stefan.toubia. See:

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calva 4

I fear I may be missing something very obvious, so please forgive what may be a silly question. I’m just getting started with Calva and trying to get it working with an app built with Figwheel Main. Unfortunately I’m falling at the first hurdle. To avoid any issues caused by weirdnesses with my existing app, I’m trying to get it working with a “bare” app created with the Figwheel Main Template as so: clojure -A:new electron-app paulbutcher/myapp I jack-in using the project type “Clojure CLI + Figwheel Main” and select the :fig and :build aliases. This seems to start OK: I can see the output I would expect in the Terminal pane, and the browser opens and shows the app. But… • The jack-in does’t seem to finish (I still see “Launching REPL using Clojure CLI + Figwheel Main” in the status bar. • If I open core.cljs hovering over a name gives the tooltip “Please connect to a REPL to retrieve information”, and • Running “’Calva: Load Current File and Dependencies” gives the error “Command ‘Calva: Load Current File and Dependencies’ is not enabled in the current context.” What am I missing?


(Should also fix the problem with cursor movement failing in non-clojure files when switching to and frm the REPL window.)


@paulbutcher try without selecting any aliases.


Ah! That seems to have worked (and it then asked me which alias I wanted to run, so I selected :dev, which seemed to work)


I’m somewhat confused though - does jack-in “know” to use the :fig alias?


Jack-in doesn’t need the fig alias. If I remember correctly, that alias does not provide the main entry point that Calva needs.


I am sorry for the confusion. I should probably mention this about deps aliases somewhere…


So it “knew” somehow not to offer the :fig or :min aliases?


It just offered :dev and :test?


Those are Figwheel builds, right? Did Calva call them aliases?


I mean :dev and :test are builds. :fig is an alias.


So when I run jack-in, it says “Pick any aliases to launch with” and offers four (`:fig`, :build, :min and :test)


After jack-in has finished, it then says: “Please select which builds to start” and offers (`dev` and test)


Ah! it’s working that out from the existence of test.cljs.edn and dev.cljs.edn?


Yes. Calva does not know if the alias will work or not, so it offers to launch with them. And yes, it picks up the builds from those files. You can start both builds and then Calva will ask which one to connect. You probably want to connect to :dev.


Gotcha. So does that mean that Calva can’t connect to multiple builds? FWIW the app I’m really trying to work with is an Electron app which has both a “Main” and an “Renderer” process. I guess I’ll need to decide which to connect to (depending on which I’m working on)?


(it’s configured to use Figwheel Main’s “extra mains” functionality to start both simultaneously)


You can only be connected to one build at the time. In the status bar you see which one is connected. And you can click that indicator to switch connection.


So, I would start both and then switch between them.


Ah cool - I’ll see if I can get that working 👍. Thanks!


Let me know how you fare. I think most people do not use that feature so it is a bit untested.


Yeah - I’m aware that I’m playing in slightly uncharted territory!


(would probably be easier to learn Calva on something more run of the mill, but hey - in for a penny 😜)


I'm unfamiliar with extra mains, so that particular thing might trip Calva. 😀


You’ve got me over my immediate hurdle, so thanks. I may have followup questions later 😀