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Hi all, I am trying to debug an issue with a keystore in reusable connection manager. To do this I want to enable the debug logging that is explained in the README. I can get the logger to log to console when changing the config level, but clj-http never logs anything. I have tried with a and log4j2.xml file, added dependencie etc. Any tips?


Nvm, find another way to get logging


It seems there is an illegal reflective access WARNING: Illegal reflective access by clojure.core$bean$fn__7278$fn__7279 (file:/C:/Users/thier/.m2/repository/org/clojure/clojure/1.11.1/clojure-1.11.1.jar) to method Would love tips on how to fix that


It ends in [java.lang.Thread run "" 834]]} "unable to find valid certification path to requested target" unable to find valid certification path to requested target adjacencyList: #object[ 0x3486199a "[\nLinkedList[0]:\n]\n"]


What exactly is your keystore problem? Do you try to use a self signed certificate?


Well good question. Everything worked fine until last week when the api provider this particular keystore is for upgraded their servers to RHEL 8. After that there are problems with getting a certification path. Going to check if the certificate has an issue somehow tomorrow with Postman


Postman didnt get me much further, soapui did tho.


Is there a way to check if my connection is using TLSv1.3?


You can try to intercept the traffic with tcpdump / tshark. I would probably start with checking the certificate in the browser and via openssl. Then I would use java ssl debug logging perhaps via


Thanks for the tip @U06BE1L6T . Today I tried 3 different java versions and their respectively cacerts using the code from gist. All came up with same issue so I think it must be something with the keystore or the suppliers endpoint RHEL8 server.


In the end it was the keystore doing stuff it shouldnt.


Very strange - what exactly was the problem?


A multitude of things mostly related to the cert and ca cert chain and settings on the suppliers end.