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@devn clara-tools-0.1.1 is up on Clojars. I took it for a spin with Clara 0.9 and everything seems to be working well.


For anyone else who is curious, clara-tools is an experimental UI to visualize rule logic and sessions. (It's what I used in the Strangeloop 2014 talk.) It's not as battle hardened as clara-rules itself but has drawn some interest.


@ryanbrush: you rule. thanks!


@ryanbrush: i guess I'm a little surprised there hasn't been more interest in it. Is the situation you have at Cerner one in which clinical staff help to write rules, or evaluate the results of the engine?


i've always thought that the explanation piece of a rules engine was one of the biggest driving factors behind choosing to use one on a project, so I guess I'm surprised there aren't fancier explanations or more interest in graphing