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Drew Verlee13:10:58

I just started learning clojure, if anyone wants to pair on something small at some point just let me know. I"m reading living clojure and clojure for the brave and true if anyone has any recommendations let me know.


@drewverlee: when I started with Clojure, I did the Clojure Script Koans, which were a lot of fun, and then worked my way through 4clojure.


The latter might be interesting for you as well as you can 'follow' people and see their solutions to a problem as soon as you solved that problem. I just followed everyone who did all the exercises and learned a bunch of things by comparing their solution to mine. Especially after the elementary problems which have afair only a single solution

Drew Verlee15:10:15

@meikemertsch, thanks for the suggestion!