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@devn Our internal code has its own facilities for doing explanation that are specific to the domain, and unfortunately not something I can get into publicly. I do think clara-tools has a bright future, it just hasn't quite made it to being a big priority yet.


@ryanbrush: Yeah, no surprise to me that there's some special sauce for domain-specific explanation. We're already there ourselves.


I guess I'm wondering aloud a little bit about whether or not it's the concern of Clara to provide hooks into extending/providing the built-in explanation facilities.


Or if it's more along the lines of: "clara gives you plenty of data to build your own explanations. use it."


I think there's a delicate balance there, but I don't have a strong opinion at the moment.


Heya @ryanbrush -- Is there a reason why there isn't a group-by-esque built-in accumulator?


@devn No reason besides the fact that we just hadn't needed it yet. I think it makes sense and would be happy to include it if someone wants to take a stab at it.


@ryanbrush: cool, was seeing max/sum/all/min/average and such, which made me wonder if group-by would somehow be problematic for automatic retraction