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So while I'm here, I thought it would be worth mentioning that Clara 0.9 is out. We're finally on Clojure 1.7 with reader conditionals!!topic/clara-rules/6Y2zHx9OQwA


👍 thanks, much nicer to work with than cljx


@ryanbrush: huzzah! nice release.


@ryanbrush: sorry to be a bother, and I could and will certainly do it myself if it's a pain or you'd rather not, but any chance of getting a clara-tools release in light of the clara 0.9.0 release?


Also, welcome @thomas simple_smile


@thomas: you using clara?


No, but I am working on a product with a rule engine at the moment... Hence my interest in clara


@thomas: cool. i'm on a team that's pretty new to rules engines, myself included. we're building a new product using clara at the moment and so far it's been really great.


@thomas: I'd also like to add that @ryanbrush has done a really great job of maintaining, and is using it for real work in production. Super responsive on questions, issues, PRs, etc. So, recommended. simple_smile


Sounds good. I haven't had a good look at clara yet.


Yes, we're using it heavily in production now, and I know of a couple others who are as well (although I'm not sure if they're okay with it being publicly revealed). I did see a post that AppsFlyer is using it ( as well.


@devn As for a clara-tools release, I should be able to push out 0.1.0 tomorrow based on the accum_updates branch, assuming everything is working well for you with that and Clara 0.9.0.


@ryanbrush: It's certainly better to see a graph containing the accumulator instead of no graph at all. I guess I would be surprised if 0.9.0 broke the changes you pushed on the accum_updates branch, but I will give it a look and verify now.