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I don’t think we need more help with this particular issue, but there are always other issues one can tackle. 😄


I really need to do that. Let me see what I can find.


what is the cider command that lets me evaluate a function under the point in the minibuffer, supplying arguments?


or an equivalent.


I’m constantly typing out functions in my buffer with arguments so I can evaluate them then deleting them. So, if I made

(defn foobar [x]
  (* 2 x))
I would then write
(foobar 8)
below it and run a cider eval on it, then delete it. Alternately I suppose I could copy paste it into the repl, but that would take as much time.


aha, found it: cider-read-and-eval-defun-at-point


I remember now. I also remember I was getting errors and that’s why I had stopped using it and thus forgotten it.

replied to a thread:

I am also open to better approaches… basically, I write a function that takes a few arguments that would be normally supplied by a calling function; I want to try it out with some fake arguments without having to write it out in my file with those arguments. Currently, I write it in the buffer with the mock arguments so I can call cider-eval-defun-at-point or cider-eval-last-sexp


I then delete it.


I do this with most functions I define, so dozens of times a day. Probably my doing this is the result of a bad approach… not sure.