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Drew Verlee00:04:28

Greetings, first off. Thanks for creating Helix, or answering questions. I'm excited their is a react-native page as i'm starting to work on a react native app! I'm a bit of a novice here, i'm guessing their is a good amount of hard earned knowledge around the ideal ways to do react native app in cljs. One thing that seems to be useful is using Expo and so my minimal setup is currently calling expo/render-root based off this minimal example for (wow 3 years) Likely things have moved on. I'm curious if the Helix community is using Expo or if there are other local development and build tools i should consider? If not, then where would i look to start modifying examples from Helix (like i linked) to work with expo.


I've been out of the React Native world for a number of years. however, the example in that clojureverse link should be easily adapted to helix

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literally, requiring [helix.core :refer [$]] instead of ["react" :as react :rename {createElement $}] would make the example work 🙂


reporting your experience using helix with react native would be helpful to me. in the future I'd like to provide a helix.native namespace similar to helix.dom with helpers for using RN

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Drew Verlee00:04:53

Oh, ah, i guessed i could modify that example. But I had worried that calling expo/render-root wasn't the ideal path anymore. Thanks for the heads up!