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I updated packages in my prelude and my helm stopped working, and I couldn't uninstall/reinstall it so I went for the nuclear option of just re-installing cider from scratch and adding back some personal init.el stuff. But now when using C-x b I can no longer left arrow back a dir and tab to the non-open but in history buffers, any idea what is missing?


I’m assuming you’ve encountered some upstream change in Helm. I haven’t been using it for a while, so I don’t track its development anymore (I’m in camp ivy these days).


Okay, thanks. I also noticed that when creating a new clj file it no longer inserts namespaces/checks for dashes in filenames. I'll check out ivy.


@bbss I think the namespace magic was coming from clj-refactor.el.


@bbss I believe it was clj-refactor that prompted to auto-rename files with - in the name. I assume the same for adding the namespace. However, I do have a ns snippet that adds the namespace (when the REPL) is running.


It’s not bundled with Prelude, so I assume you had installed it separately in the past.