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Chris Lester21:03:16

Just to follow up on the error I was seeing on Monday, it was due to running out of memory (but not throwing out of mem error). I have a different thing now where seems to be unsupported but did get past the original.


@activeghost Interesting. Maybe more luck with the java.nio API?


@activeghost I do see an open issue regarding that class here:


It often helps to comment on such issues with additional data

Chris Lester21:03:29

Thx @borkdude ... the open issue is exactly what I'm seeing. I don't know where in FilePermission is getting pulled in (it's not clear in the trace). I'll see if I have different data to submit outside of just a +1.


@activeghost Are you using v19 or v20?

Chris Lester21:03:18

Thx, will try that and see if I can eliminate the problem. I am doing file io so perhaps not, but will be info I can attach to the bug.


It will instruct GraalVM to substitute the class in question with nothing, so analysis stops there.

Chris Lester22:03:09

Very cool, thx.