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Hi,I need some help with my RGSoc application. My team requires a coach, can anyone help us regarding this. Working remotely is also fine with us. We just want someone who can help us in this project.


Hello @U0108301657, I can help here if you haven't found someone already or if @U07FP7QJ0 themself may not have time. Arne and I know each other through the Berlin Clojure community and discussed about this and if anyone needs help I can try to help! 😄


Thank you so much @U7ERLH6JX😊. We would be happy to have you as our coach.I will add you to our team as coach.


Happy to help!


@U7ERLH6JXCan you please share your github handle, if you are already registered in RGSOC teams app so that I can add you to our team Bits&Bytes as our coach. Kindly please confirm to the role also.Thank you so much:blush:.


It’s lispyclouds, same as the username here. I can be the coach, but just wanna make sure if @U07FP7QJ0 wanted to take this up? Otherwise I’m more than happy to be the coach!


I'm already "project mentor" which is similar but different 🙂 so go for it! Keep in mind @U0108301657 that ideally you should also find coaches locally (I see you're in Bengaluru?)


Yes, talked to them and confirmed it 😁 Yes being local would’ve been ideal but I found out now due to the corona lockdown in India people are located pretty far off from each other and remote working too. So I guess time zone is the only issue, better from this weekend.


Yeah we have some coaches closer to us also @U07FP7QJ0 .Thank you for the help.


you're right @U7ERLH6JX, I was thinking the same. I'm guessing there will be a lot more "RGSoC From Home" this year

Aleksandra Samonek15:03:38

Hello! I am thinking of also applying for RGSoC. I live in Brussels and I could commute a bit from here (but not sure yet if my teammate could, I will find out), so I am looking for potential coaches from around Belgium or the Netherlands. Other places are alright too, of course, working remotely is also an option for us. 🙂 About me: I am new to Clojure, last year I read "Clojure for the Brave and True", played around with some basic tutorials online, but left it at that to focus on my thesis. I would like to get back to Clojure next summer. As for unit testing, I used py.test for some courses in the past, but nothing related to Clojure or Kaocha. There is some more information about my experience with programming in my RGSoC profile:

Aleksandra Samonek15:03:48

Oh, also, we are looking for at least 2 coaches (ideally 3 people) ❤️


hey @asamonek, so cool 🎉 welcome to Kaocha!

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there's a #clojure-belgium channel, pretty quiet I believe but worth a try


I'll see if I can poke some people... sadly I have fewer Clojure connections in Belgium than I should at this point

Aleksandra Samonek16:03:53

Thank you so much! To be honest, by now I am so used to remote work that coaches can be from anywhere as long as time zones allow for meetings at reasonable times. I will try #clojure-belgium just in case. 🙂