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Dream emacs mode: save the buffer to somewhere in the cloud, as you type, no local files involved. Wondering how much work that would take :thinking_face:


Does a server count for "the cloud"? Tramp is always there to help 🙂

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sounds like it could cut it :) only knew Tramp by name, will look into it


tramp is great, and works fine with cider too


I believe that vmd-mode's live preview feature works by writing your buffer to a temp file on every change

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so however it achieves that might get you pretty close

Alexander Heldt13:03:31

you could mount a folder through ssh and work on those

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@vemv GitHub Gists can do this already. I use Spacemacs github layer to create gists from a buffer or region. If I list my Gists, I can view and edit them and when saving it will push changes to the Gist. Some examples here...

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that's interesting, I'll keep it in mind but it's a different use case (note as you type)


You can use post-command hook and keep sending updates to a web-app through web-sockets. I’m unaware of any packages that let you do that though.