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Matthew Curry02:09:41

Hi all! Would like to know what’s the best way to start a cider repl with a tools.deps.alpha project (deps.edn), and have it load one of the project’s namespaces like a it does with a leiningen project?


@mjcurry This comes straight from Lein - it sets some ns as the default ns and that gets reflected in CIDER. If there’s a way to set a default ns in tools.deps I guess this will work automatically as well. CIDER just starts the REPL with whatever *ns* is at the time. Technically we can have some configuration in CIDER about the default ns, but this wasn’t necessary so far.

Matthew Curry00:09:12

ah so that’s what lein is doing. thanks.

Matthew Curry00:09:08

Just tried it again, and it doesn’t appear that any of the project’s namespaces are loaded, or at least running cider-repl-handle-shortcut’s ns command doesn’t have any of them.


hello, i use shadow-cljs with cider, but in the cljs file, i can not use C-x C-e to execute the last expression, is that i have no project.clj in the project root dir, so the refactor-nrepl doesn’t enabled?

Christian Johansen11:09:01

I'm seeing this a lot in CIDER now: error in process filter: Sync nREPL request timed out (op eval code (require 'figwheel.main))

Christian Johansen11:09:16

using CIDER to jack-in-cljs with figwheel-main. is there a known reason for this?

Christian Johansen11:09:36

hmm, figured it out after trying to start the process from a shell. there was a compilation problem. where could I have seen this in CIDER?


possibly in the *cider-repl ...* or *nrepl-server ..* buffers

Christian Johansen12:09:01

yeah, I probably should've checked the *nrepl-server ..* buffer. would be nice if what goes on there was more "in your face". I've been burned by seemingly silent failures that were reported there before


@haiyuan.vinurs what behavior do you observe if you prevent clj-refactor from being included?


@dpsutton disable clj-refactor-mode in the buffer?


prevent clj-refactor from being injected into the project


if you want to know if clj-refactor is breaking your evaluation, prevent the jar being included and see if it fixes your evaluation