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Hi all! Would like to know what’s the best way to start a cider repl with a tools.deps.alpha project (deps.edn), and have it load one of the project’s namespaces like a it does with a leiningen project?


@mjcurry This comes straight from Lein - it sets some ns as the default ns and that gets reflected in CIDER. If there’s a way to set a default ns in tools.deps I guess this will work automatically as well. CIDER just starts the REPL with whatever *ns* is at the time. Technically we can have some configuration in CIDER about the default ns, but this wasn’t necessary so far.


ah so that’s what lein is doing. thanks.


Just tried it again, and it doesn’t appear that any of the project’s namespaces are loaded, or at least running cider-repl-handle-shortcut’s ns command doesn’t have any of them.


hello, i use shadow-cljs with cider, but in the cljs file, i can not use C-x C-e to execute the last expression, is that i have no project.clj in the project root dir, so the refactor-nrepl doesn’t enabled?


I'm seeing this a lot in CIDER now: error in process filter: Sync nREPL request timed out (op eval code (require 'figwheel.main))


using CIDER to jack-in-cljs with figwheel-main. is there a known reason for this?


hmm, figured it out after trying to start the process from a shell. there was a compilation problem. where could I have seen this in CIDER?


possibly in the *cider-repl ...* or *nrepl-server ..* buffers


yeah, I probably should've checked the *nrepl-server ..* buffer. would be nice if what goes on there was more "in your face". I've been burned by seemingly silent failures that were reported there before


@haiyuan.vinurs what behavior do you observe if you prevent clj-refactor from being included?


@dpsutton disable clj-refactor-mode in the buffer?


prevent clj-refactor from being injected into the project


if you want to know if clj-refactor is breaking your evaluation, prevent the jar being included and see if it fixes your evaluation