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Hey! I've merged my pending documentation-related PRs into my gostd fork, regenerated, and uploaded the resulting docs (except for Windows -- let me know if that would be helpful) here: Please check it out, mainly the addition of information on Joker's standard types (which is added to official Joker by one of the PRs), and consider providing feedback here or on the main PR at This is laying some groundwork to refactor how the gostd fork handles Go types, which (among other things) is intended to autogenerate documentation for the receivers ("methods"), in the Go standard library, that are already being wrapped. Thanks!

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Related to this work, joker.repl/doc of a type name works in official (but not yet released) Joker:

user=> (doc Int)
  (Concrete type)
  Wraps the Go 'int' type, which is 32 bits wide on 32-bit hosts, 64 bits wide on 64-bit hosts, etc.
In my gostd fork, doc of an expression works, by evaluating the expression and printing the doc info in the metadata found therein, which allows this:
user=> (doc (type (= true false)))
  (Concrete type)
(That won't be especially useful until gostd has fully autogenerated type info for the Go standard library.)


Is there any way that Joker can identify when output is being sent to a pipe or file rather than the console? I have a case where I'd love to turn off some ANSI colors when not writing to console.


Not at present, AFAIK.