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Is there a parinfer 2 implementation for emacs?


I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how I can get CIDER to connect to two different nREPL servers at the same time, within the same project. I am running my nREPL servers outside of CIDER: One is a plain Clojure server, the other is shadow-cljs. I can connect to either one of them and the correct thing happens, but when I try to connect at both, suddenly things start to fall apart. I’ve read the many times and I still can’t figure out how to do it. Any pointers welcome 🙂


As I understand it, I need to have two different “sessions”, since my sessions won’t share the same nREPL server.


So I need to do both cider-connect-clj and cider-connect-cljs. I do that, and sesman does report the two sessions running independently.


I tried to link a session with a buffer, and i see the link in sesman, but still I can’t get the expected results — evaluating to my CLJS buffer seems to hang or do something weird.


afternoon gang. Can someone advise me how to use cider debugging inside a deftest?


as you see, my tests are wrapped in a let, which gets debugged as normal: I can hit c to move through the forms until it gets to the deftest


then the debugger quits, and my-test is highlighted in red, ready to be debugged when run. When I run it with , t t it doesn't debug, it passes as normal


Newbie here. I'm getting an error when trying to run coder-jack-in. I'm able to start the repl manually via lein and cider-connect to it. the error is Error loading refactor-nrepl.middleware


I'm using emacs-live to setup everything


A couple things I tried, I deleted my profile file.


I tried the following specifying the following plugins cider/cider-nrepl "0.12.0", refactor-nrepl "2.2.0"


ah. you are following the clojure for the brave and true setup?


cider 0.12 is about 4 years old. current version is 0.18


no, i'm used the emacs-live overtone setup for clojure


Would you recommend using the "clojure for the brave and true" setup ? or is there another one?


no i thought that was what was giving you issues 🙂


ok ty, i'll take a look and see if that gets me going in the right direction.


for sure 🙂 sorry it can be so complicated. i would recommend dropping refactor stuff until you have a known working repl and then add it in


trying to figure out now why cider version is 0.14.


I don't see any thing specifying that version.


after upgrading to leiningen 2.8.3 I'm seeing this trying to start a repl:

Warning: implicit middleware found: refactor-nrepl.plugin/middleware \nPlease declare all middleware in :middleware as implicit loading is deprecated.\


the repl doesn't start, this is caught by the emacs debugger which I have switched on for errors


ok I fixed the repl by fixing unrelated symbol resolution issues


@tristram I also have issues to debug tests when run via cider utilities. However, using (clojure.test/run-tests ) works. See here:


many thanks @jumar, that is a great workaround


I can't believe we're the only ones to want to debug inside a test, though - right?!


To be honest, I faced this issues several times and just gave up. Your SO question made me thinking and find at least the workaround pretty quickly 🙂